Friday, September 18, 2015

Regional benevolent self-sufficient sustainability

With a spirited Canadian election chewing away at our persuasions, where crendenda gain a respectable solemnity as we rationally debate their virtues, it gives that little bit of freedom gained about once every four years to dream of ideologies relegated to naiveté at times in betwixt.

So today we will harp on a throw of sociological philandering, cunning enough to knock the boots off yer granny and those industrious door knocking campaigners who are want to set foot in our disgustingly progressive neighbourhood. Terminology being of utmost importance here, we will name this ideology 'regional benevolent self-sufficient sustainability' as opposed to 'regional autonomy,' autonomy invoking scenes of flag waving, canon toting madmen exhuming plumes of delight as they ravage their contiguous populations. Yes, if'n these weary campaigners do endeavour to defeat the mutilated intercom to traverse the rickety fly infested staircase to your third floor pad overlooking the dumpsters and human components to the thriving underground markets along with their wares, just nail them with the biggie when they partake of your most pressing political issue, 'regional benevolent self-sufficient sustainability' and watch those smart Pads droop in dismay.

It is a mouthful, this regional benevolent self-sufficient sustainability, but it begins simply with each household doing what it can to exist of it's own puissance, as may be befitting, in terms of food and shelter. Just to enjoy a bowl of homemade soup made with veggies from your apartment window's handsome homemade flower box with your family or friend, and the rows of fuming diesel truckers long hauling Californian cauliflower irrigated with chemical and radioactive laced fracking residues will slow to a trickle and the ten lane highways will wizen away to become the antiquities of post human humour. And to further thwart your local version of corporate America, you might lavish in amazement at how many chickens and veggies you can bargain them out of for fifty bucks at your local Hutterite colony. Get on your bike someday and give it a try, invest in a wee trailer, camp out overnight if it's aways, go with a buddy, take yer granny.

In our naiveté we will assume that refugee crises are caused by a lack of food which is caused by a lack of rain, or overly zealous overlords who cannot quite fathom the multicultural aspects which the arbitrary boundaries of western imperialism have imposed upon them. Populations who are well fed and housed are seldom overly rebellious. Invading these areas or dropping bombs on them does little to bring forth the much needed moisture, it only aggravates their ability to produce food, and in cases were these bombs actually take out the odd overlord a replacement seems to pop up overnight, overlords being a dime a dozen. Dumping piles of weaponry and humanitarian aid on these regions does little in the long term to increase food production. What they really need is regional benevolent self-sufficient sustainability, and it begins at home, right here in your own neighbourhood.

But we must be weened. Yes it is true that we western inheritors of the earth have fathomed the purpose of humanity, that is to drill baby drill, to use the vast resources our good earth has provided for our leisure. But better than building walls and fences to keep them out, these hoards of refugees, we must ween ourselves of all our good fortunes and amenities till we have nothing they could possibly wish for. We are, gladly, on the right path, giving away our resources to rising autocracies so they can entice the refugees into their regions, outsourcing our jobs to rising nations so they can provide employment to their new citizens. We can reverse the naiveté of our social programs and force ourselves to live within our means, actually having to work for our supper of cabbage soup by growing it in our handsome homemade flower boxes. All it takes is a few more years of corporate hornswoggle and we've got it made. Our present government types are doing us an immense favour here, yes we must be weened.

So give yer granny a shopping list when they come calling, those campaigners. Get some real conversations about what matters to Canadians happening here, it only comes around every four years or so:
a) Are you keen on regional benevolent self-sufficient sustainability?
b) How benevolent are you in your powers as supreme representative of our constituency?
c) Will you grow lettuce to help our riding achieve environmental self sustainability?
d) How large a human population do you think is sustainable in our riding?
e) Will you live next to affordable housing to support those among us with mental health issues?
f) Do you have any ideas on promoting human dignity to alleviate crime?
g)Would you be willing to sit down with radicalized individuals to explore their issues?
h)With modern technology, do you really have to travel to Ottawa to represent us?
i) If COMER wins at the supreme court level, will you support their goals?

In our naiveté we do have a drift here, not? Education, research, and communication are invaluable to our present predicament as top predator on this planet. Regional self-sufficiency is key to cutting the excess of consumerism, the waste of shipping needless products. Save our limited resources for future generations who will hopefully be able to build on our present endeavours in their search for utopia. Regional self-sufficiency does not mean the hoarding of knowledge, good technology can be adapted for many purposes. Study, learn, share your findings, and go home at night and tend your garden and your chickens, oh but for naiveté.

We have lost control to the present helm of Canadian political autocracy, a dogmatic braggart who somehow manages to evince populism while flaunting the extreme wealth of the oil industry and their membership in the .0001 per cent club. Stephen Harper is a one-man sideshow and taking the car keys away from him isn't going to be easy, if it can be done at all. Now he calls Syrian migrants criminals and extremists (in the process alienating at least one quarter of the world's demographic), dismisses global warming as a "sustainable hoax" and seems to want to conquer the world with six CF-18 fighter jets. (Misquoted from Neil Macdonald on McDonald the Trump, CBC News)

Seated in opposition we have a watered down version socialistic reform, Thomas Joseph Mulcair. It is tough to cajole a brain washed anti-communist demographic into believing the New Democratic Party will not transform the armed forces into goose stepping enforcers of the communal way of life, but Mulcair even vows to balance the budget. Mulcair has stated that he is "an ardent supporter of Israel in all instances and circumstances,”while also stating that he is also an "ardent supporter of the creation of a Palestinian state". Pretty hard not to find something to support in that one, no matter what your stripes. Oh but to walk the thin line between corporatism and rigorous, science-based environmental impact assessments.

Then we have Justin the Trudeau, that youthful delight, envisioning a Canada built on the hopes and dreams of our juvenescence. Those liberals though, just can't separate themselves from their corporate beneficiaries, basking in the age of enlightenment, rejecting notions of hereditary privilege, state religion, absolute monarchy, the Divine Right of our Queen. Young Trudeau loves his Keynesian economics where when the market fails to properly allocate resources, the government is required to stimulate the economy until private funds start flowing again. Trouble is, these private funds, those corporate wheedlers, they flow them right out of the country into their 21st century offshore subsidiaries. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation would be safe though, yes the creative endeavours of Stuart McLean would be safe and Dave could bask in Canadian glory. The environment though, who knows?

And then there's Green Party Lizzy, Canada's symbol of tolerance to the tree huggers of mother earth. Has her hands full though, attempting to single-handedly overthrow the fortunes of 'drill Stevie, drill,' championing a coalition of the delectable smorgasbord of would be caregivers of our nation. We love Elizabeth May. She gets into this regional benevolent self-sufficient sustainability a wee bit. Family-owned and operated farms of small to medium size which constitute the most reliable, high quality, and economical food production system, now and into our uncertain future. Ensuring Canadians have more time for friends, family, and community engagement. Re-investing in our national rail systems, building more train cars in Canada, increasing train speeds and phasing in high speed rail where feasible. But Lizzy, Canada needs hobos, transient farm workers who will fill the labour needs of those small family farms across our vast nation. We must envision an option for those of us who opt out of the career oriented doldrums of executive type want-to-bees. Just keep those trains chugging slow, Ma'am, hast causes waste, and hobos can't all run that fast.

What a queue of actors here. Lucky for them social media was still on the horizon during their war years. The next generation of would be politicians will be hard pressed to find candidates who've kept their expletives to themselves. What a dull world that will be. Makes you feel for future generations, that and rising sea levels.

But this naiveté. Shall we just give up, relegating our great-great-grandchildren the freedom of growing their radishes on the delta of the mighty Mackenzie River, sailing those oil tankers right into the good town of Hope on the high seas and avoiding all that conflict over Burnaby Mountain, creating a vast network of canals throughout Montreal to give those voyageurs a new hold on life in their gondolas. Or shall we get up tomorrow morning and facing east to the rising sun in emotional communion with the natural forces that be, prostrate ourselves before our star the sun in communion our primitive beginnings, with our mythologies as rationalizations of natural phenomena, and ask for guidance in how to best thwart the efforts of corporatism to warm our earth with it's generosity. What a choice. Oh well, a few short weeks and naiveté can be relegated to the next great upheaval of political pandering, hopefully four years hence, as we allow our newly elected divine representatives to muck with our mother earth. But for now our naive crendenda can lavish in respectable solemnity, as we fathom the postulates of regional benevolent self-sufficient sustainability. And as logic derives from postulates and never has and never will change a postulate, so too politics derives from postulates, and never has and never will countenance logic. But for naiveté.
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