Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Magnanimous Party of Canada

It is an interesting aspect of introspection, the business of political illusion. One's mind a small atom of universal consciousness, it's separateness the mere force of psychic charges keeping that mass of raw primordial energy in tight focus. The transitory blip of a human life span, popping in and out of existence in search of the big answer to “Why did she make us aware, our creator, could have saved us from all this illusive introspection by just by keeping it all to herself.” Really no need for any of us to see the light of day, can't much see it as but a hoax.

Asked our cat on the epitome of human achievements and he come up with greasy chicken using a matrix of wishful versus vital possibilities in his version of this universal consciousness thingy. “Interesting” we reassured him after putting him through this torturous introspection. He usually pretends to sleep when we use him for a sounding board.

Are you hungry tonight,
Do you miss your chicken delight?
Are you sorry you ate it all for lunch?

'Tis but nonsense, this mind of ours. We thinks our recent election has did us in. We were all ready for a coalition, yes we were:

The Magnanimous Party of Canada (French: Parti Magnanime du Canada), colloquially known as the Coalition, is the newest federal political party in Canada. The party espouses the principles of altruism, and generally sits at the left of centre of the Canadian political spectrum. Historically the Magnanimous Party will been positioned to the left of the Conservative Party of Canada and to the right of the Green Party. At the head of the party will be our virtual Primed Minister, Skippy the Beaver, who will be an encyclopedia of information, the epitome of transparency, and at everyone's fingertips on every platform of the internet with his own mainframe and personal server. Skippy will be held to account by 30 cabinet ministers, elected by the party's Members of Parliament, each in charge of their own ministry. Skippy will not be allowed to make any decisions without a vote from the cabinet, and it is felt he will be an effective ambassador for Canada needing only a screen big enough for his two front teeth at international events.

Shall we write a ditty, our kitty, to the power of the positive approach? Oh diddly dum, what have we done. Include a line from a motivational seminar. Surrounding ourselves with driven folk. Add a wee bit of legitimization from the fables of old. Please all, and you will please none. Then liven it up with a sense of antiquity. Spread your cheer to the earth's foursquare. And a speck of humour. To find your Lorde hath made it round.

Yes we voted, all us personas, even took our wife along. We couldn't leave her at home, alone, with her dementia. Came out of that booth with the biggest smile, really likes to fill in boxes, she does. They did send her a voters card, they did. Then we went to the ducky pond. Just exercising our constitutional rights, you know.

So we await our Primed Minister in waiting. The transitory blip of his human life span, popping in and out of existence in search of how to lead a country of hosers. Take off eh.
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