Saturday, March 1, 2014

Purging ourselves of logic

~x2 = ~ and ~x~ = ~, therefor ~x2 = ~x~, simplifying (~x2)/~ = (~x~)/~, thus 2 = ~ (humour this logic please, purgatory does not equal infinity and purged souls will come back to haunt you)

When I was in high school I wrote this math test and I cheated and got in the top one percentile so they sent me off to this local university for a weekend of exhilarating lectures and revolving chess contests. Wasn't my thing.

To this day I love looking at beautifully written equations. They have this transcendent quality about them that makes you feel if you got drunk enough they might just transform into glorious landscapes full of cozy hobbits.

Math is logically manipulating symbols which may or may not represent apples and oranges. I find it much more interesting to logically manipulate pictures and ideas. You can take Plato's view of everything being shadows on the wall and multiply it by your tax return and get Stompin' Tom Connors doing a tune on cases of rum in Ottawa. Makes more sense than string theory.

Our number system today uses a base ten system. Most of our computers use base two. What do our brains use? It used to be thought that synapses either fired or didn't so this would be a base two like our computers. Some researchers now think that synapses communicate via quantum wave breakdown and each synapse could pass on a large if not an infinite number of possibilities. The paths that these impulses follow do not use logic in their decisions but follow paths which are learned responses by our brain to our environment in an effort to construct a relatively sane view of our world using a trial and error method. So our brains don't use logic, they just use the feel good approach that whatever fills my tummy is the best path.

For all those of us who place little importance on calculus the next time we feel intimidated by some math geek we must sing softly to ourselves “yummy yummy yummy, I've got love in my tummy” and visualize this poor geek having to wire his lonely brain for illogical logic just so he can get a hug from his mommy or daddy. Love makes the world go round, not logic, however illogical.
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