Thursday, December 4, 2014

Adventurous George (9)

George never did run into little Adam-zad again, little Adam-zad having a dislike for white men, probably because for the most part they were just too capitalistic, and careless. George tried for a time not to think of his dream. He sorted through the bags of R-20 insulation which little critters and bugs had enjoyed living in for the past many years. He put a triple layer on his ceiling which he nailed out with poly and 3/8” plywood. Building went much better now with his handsaw and some nifty saw horses. The walls were insulated and nailed out with plywood over poly and the window and a few other cracks were caulked. He built a door with 2x4's on the flat, insulated and covered with plywood, which swang real well on the orange hinges. He had two large totes of nicely dried berries, sort of a mix of mostly blue berries and saskatoons. The rice had been a lot of work and he had ended up with four big sackfuls, after all the chaff had been blown away in the breeze. His Acme Wood Stove got moved inside and he made a coned flashing for the roof from an extra piece of the stove pipe using some geeky little snips in his new tool box. He had some lettuce and green onions sprouting in a little greenhouse he had patched together out of slider windows on the end of his deck under his window and was wondering if it would be warm enough to keep them growing when it got cold if he cut some vent holes through the wall for heat. The triple glazing was a bit of overkill for a greenhouse and he hoped they'd let a few UV rays through. He even scooped out a little privy one day and built a three sided shelter with a bit of a roof over it and a throne, over which he had to chuckle every time he sat on it.

But that trickster spirit had vexed his mind and that dream nagged at him. It had to do with meditation, or some sort of a stupor of the mind he had gotten himself into. Somewhere deep in his silly head he had entranced himself until this horrible hairy bear had taken over his being. He knew he had been trying to achieve some sort of enlightenment, the way the mystics did, and he was rather amused at himself as he mulled over reverberating with umm, umm, umm, umm, umm. He remembered candles, yes that was it, a candle flame and staring at it for hours and hours till his mind became one with it and it was the only thing which existed in the whole universe, and then he would have visions, beautiful visions, of worlds beyond our own were life beat to a different drummer and he was filled with a euphoria beyond expression. Then suddenly this horrible hairy beast of a bear had begun invading his ecstasy with his hateful cunning swinish eyes, grunting and chuckling at him for his blissful exultation. I had driven him to despair. And yes, he remembered that book on self hypnosis which he had used it to try to forget it all. He remembered meditating over and over and over... I remember nothing, I remember nothing, I remember nothing... and the horrible hairy bear just grunted and chuckled.

They had told him in the hospital, after they brought him out of his coma, that he had been walloped on the head by the mirror on a half ton truck as he wandered aimlessly onto a busy road. The scans had shown some significant damage to his noggin which might or might not regenerate itself in the coming months. So they sent him away with a worker who got him a home with a throne and some sort of monthly disability benefit which paid his rent and bought him his needs. And now he was here, on an island with his buddy Mottles, and life was good. He still did not want to remember anything although it was becoming hard to avoid. It just seemed too consuming.

The first snow came peacefully. George spent his time fishing and cutting up sound deadfalls nearby which were much easier to bring home now on a little sled he crafted with 2x4 runners. The fish he cleaned and froze in a plank crate outside which was soon filled to the top. And so the lake froze over, the shallow parts first, and then the whole expanse, and George was left in a world of white to his horizons. It fervored a smallness in his wonder world.

(To be continued)
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