Sunday, December 28, 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We gather today from the remotest corners of the earth to revere us unremarkable folk, although by an exegesis of the definitions involved, that may be a task which is foolish in it's endeavour, which can been seen by the great number of empty spaces in this vast auditorium of the cyber emporium of humanity. We, not being the movers and shakers nor the artisans of enlightenment nor the leaders of vast religious awakenings, we tend not to get too carried away with the revering of any of those ambrosial remarkable folk who walk the plank of immortality. No, we tend to take the audacity of the delusional with a grain of salt.

To quote from one of the great mentors of the eidolon, the revered Lady Gaga herself, “I operate from a place of delusion - that’s what the fame is all about... I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be - and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth.” That is our disparagement in a nutshell, us wonted ones, our eyeballs rolling incredulously at our cognizances.

As prosaic ex hippie want-to-bees from the sixties, and those unraptured ones from the newer generations, we have lived our lives to the fullest potential of nonpotentiality, abhorring promotions and glory in the firm belief that gratification of any sort is a vulgar disregard of the aesthetic humdrum which makes us proletarian. We sustain the worldly essentialities of our fellow beings with our daily striving to maintain our sanity in the ongoing battle of of being as lethargic as possible in obtaining our dole. We may say our prayers at night knowing honestly that we have not impeded anyone's dignity by stepping on their toes, so help us.

So we deprecate ourselves today in appreciation of our foibles, harking back on an unremarkable year in which those endowed with our plodding disquisitions embrace the disguised genius of secreteness by mentoring our peers into oblivion. We will remain indomitable in the forthcoming year, ready to take our places in the quiet yet circumspect revolution of sorts, in which us unremarkable folk will journey on to forestall the unwonted ones.

Peace and unremarkable insight to all.
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