Sunday, July 13, 2014

The tiny wee land of Wuzimomojangobango

In the tiny wee land of Wuzimomojangobango
The peoples from birth they all learned the tango
It freed them from bondage they grudgingly bore
To the nuclear forces who dwelt just next door

The tango was viewed with disdain by the world
Those immodest gyrations were insults well hurled
They belittled the tyrants of commerce and wealth
Who felt that good morals were crucial for health

They used to roam freely, Wuzimomojangobangonies
Their foodstuffs had flavour to wet your bagonies
Garnishing protein with hot chile and dill
This culinarian refinement it needed no pill

But their lands were begrudged them, all desert and salt
A strategically yearned homeland, it was all their fault
For tangoing ceaselessly and valuing laisser aller
A consort of legions over took them with stealth and with valour

They fought back by dancing with passion quite delirious
Till rounding them up with their livestock was imperious
To scuttle them all to some boundaries marked clearly
With fences of barbed wire subdued them not nearly

Canons they fired, “Wuzimomojangobango” they cried
Human canon balls sailed forth from wherever they could hide
And landing they tangoed in the now alien land
Subverting the children of the tyrants new stand

Foul play called the tyrants while covering their faces
Betwixt firing the tango balls back to their places
But the children where blemished beyond any repair
They sat by the barbed wire and just had to stare

Now god he was chuckling at all this fine passion
And in his great wisdom he was smitten to fashion
A great duster which swallowed up all the barbed wire
A huge ugly pile it consumed mile after mile

Pulled up to the heavens this demolished encumbrance
Heaven's artists constructed a sinful inductance
Twas the Wuzimomojangobango tango erected with care
Shameless dancers dancing naked half a league in the air

It set down so gently with vibes of great stealth
In the midst of the constructs of power and wealth
This monster just oozed out it's moral depravity
Would take years to unseat natures pull on it's gravity

Chaos ran rampant and now our Wuzimomojangobangonies
Grew rich feeding hot spices to drench the bagonies
Of tyrants unfettered to tango with passion unbinding their will
To beleaguer the good earth with their nuclear swill
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