Friday, August 1, 2014

Trailer to world war 2.14159...

The beleaguered greater apes only remaining hominid species still defying extinction have become brilliant in their present endeavours to stake off their territorial boundaries in their elusive search for utopia. Although cannibalism remains a rather mystical deed, the art of crucifying a few of the neighbouring clans females and young ones while maintaining a moral high ground about it all has become a fine science and as long as the schmucks are not eaten but left to be buried with dignity, all is roses.

Tunnelling has become a major stumbling block on a consensus for the path to utopia. For some clans it is the ultimate goal to tunnel everywhere for through darkness and claustrophobia is the spirit released, while for other clans these tunnels pose an immense imposition on the freedom of the spirit. There is increasing evidence that in the sewer tunnels of some of the greater enclaves of these shrewdnesses an almost unique species has evolved who have never seen the light of day, with eyes so white a simple spark will blind them and raw rat meat is the dessert of the gods. It is yet unknown whether they have truly gained utopia in their subterranean paradise as they are extremely illusive but if the drawings they leave on the walls is any hint, they have gained some otherworldly understandings.

Harassment of neighbouring clans has become the all consuming endeavour as actual conquering and occupation of other territories is just too stressful with the moral values involved in exterminating entire populations. With whatever means are handy be it catapulting missiles, insinuating that their exports are non ethical, or spying on their overrated secrets, it has become highly fashionable to irritate anyone and everyone as long as, of course, they do not eat them.

All in all, it is hard to say whether this continuing war is worth witnessing. The parallel universe on channel 3.14159... is quite enthralling and those schmucks have no morals whatsoever to get hung up on.
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