Sunday, August 17, 2014

George thinks

As George sat on his throne, he slowly came to realize that total knowledge was unachievable in this universe. If all the combinations of the letters of our alphabets were written to a length of one hundred pages there would still be more combinations for page 101, and so on to infinity. Our universe could not ever completely elaborate itself.

Was the amount of energy in the universe infinite? The big bang, was it like an atomic bomb with a given amount of energy, or had it simply tapped page 113658 of Gretians Fables to split the matter and anti-matter particles which would then annihilate to give more energy to create new matter and anti-matter particles in an never ending creative process bent on bungling any definitions an intelligent life force could instill on it's surroundings?

George rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Omnipotent God would have to be finite or he could not possibly even understand himself. A finite God quarterbacking an infinite universe. What a pickle. He better watch out for those quarterback sneaks from the incog zone in the unwritten works of Hermann the Hesse.

George arose from his throne and went to the cupboard. This needed a good swig. Were ideas concrete critters whose existence or perchance of existence rendered them incarnate? All these ideas and more ideas, George went and crawled back into bed.
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