Friday, August 29, 2014

Off to work we go

Now that I am gainfully disabled/retired I can copiously critique on the things which may have impeded my ability to rip off the system for so many years. As is obvious, I am an anarchist at heart, albeit a naughty anarchist, because my method is to plunder the system till it self-destructs. Hopefully this does not invalidate my being called an anarchist, because I have a fondness for the aggravations which arise within the mundane systems we use to keep our humdrum society bumping along. Many would simply call me a lazy bum.

Bob Black views the subordination enacted in workplaces as "a mockery of freedom", and denounces as hypocrites the various theorists who support freedom while supporting work. Subordination in work, Black alleges, makes people stupid and creates fear of freedom. Because of work, people become accustomed to rigidity and regularity, and do not have the time for friendship or meaningful activity. Most workers, he states, are dissatisfied with work (as evidenced by petty deviance on the job), so that what he says should be uncontroversial; however, it is controversial only because people are too close to the work-system to see its flaws. He also argues that the vast majority of work does not need doing at all. Most tasks are unnecessary because they only serve functions of commerce and social control that exist only to maintain the work-system as a whole.

Paul Lafargue criticized liberal, conservative, Christian and even socialist ideas of work from a Marxist perspective as dogmatic and ultimately false by portraying the degeneration and enslavement of human existence when being subsumed under the primacy of the "right to work", and argued that laziness, combined with human creativity, is an important source of human progress. I am just as anarchistic towards Marxism as I am to any other form of governance, but I would not wish anything to impede human progress.

One morning in my able working years I was charmed by the two little girls who lived next door when they giggled with amusement when I told them I was going to work. Work was obviously not the preemptive survival strategy in their household. For those who criticize this thinking; evolution will reward these qualities well because the rates of conception in these social networks far outclasses those of the working joes.

Unfree labour includes all forms of slavery, and related institutions (e.g. debt slavery, serfdom, corvée and labour camps). Many of these forms of work may be covered by the term forced labour, which is defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as all involuntary work or service exacted under the menace of a penalty. I would love to see a court challenge taken all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada on the policies of welfare systems which cut citizens off of their meagre rations if they do not attend school or seek gainful employment. We've eroded people's opportunities to have land to grow gardens, to build simple dwellings, to enjoy the stars at night and fathom the depths of our universe, to live that simple life with an old rocking chair for grandma. No, we must educate ourselves and buy into that super advertized monstrosity we call our economic system, complete with GDP and all the necessary addictions to keep it functioning. So we can destroy our earth? For ipads and opioids?

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam
Where the deer and the antelope play
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day

You say I live in a fantasy world, but I ask, in which fantasy does perpetual economic expansion flourish? Sustainability will only be achieved through anarchism, it would seem, whether it comes freely or is forced upon us by our incinerated earth.
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