Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Justifying our delusions

It is the strategy of the 1% and their shleps not to show weakness. Show a hard veneer and your postulates become immune to ridicule. The more ideological the concept the more virtuous it becomes. The voting public just loves someone if they drool out their talking points, unfettered by the banal arguments insulting to their delusions. Ya, right.

In my little utopian world, yes that post anarchistic heaven with two moons peacefully brightening our sky, all politicians will lovingly articulate all their beliefs and the well thought out reasons for them in a portfolio as an application for the privilege of benevolently representing their constituencies. By the same token, voters will rapturously submit articulated justifications for their nomination whims as the delusion of a secret ballot becomes a myth of the great 20th century avoidance gentilities.

“So what do 'you' believe?”, you ask. Well, since you ask, I believe we are all illusioned. Within this enchantment, we may conjecture that our brains are not capable of conceiving of a reality if there is such a critter. So we morph on in our nogginal ambiances, electing the sexiest politicians to their posts so we may criticize them relentlessly for their own nogginal ambiances. Please vote for me. My delusions can be yours.
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