Sunday, August 24, 2014

Alcazar of the Creaksters

Alphonso had a peppery stubble on a wrinkly old chin
The girls loved him dearly for his bouts of chicanery
His eyes sparkled genially when his thoughts filled with sin
The Alcazar of Creaksters echoed with clangorous buffoonery

This home for the aged had long spent its' hey day
On mortals of jejunity whose passions had frit
To elude the inevitable sagging old bellies display
Alcazar now home to ratty geezers and the widows of wit

Draconian measures were needed to self righteously temper
Tendencies ripe triggering threat of disingenuous elopement
These old folk held prisoner by nuns of the Templar
Doors guarded by sirens hounds begging deployment

Up on the rooftop Alphonso conspired dematerialization
Layered blueprints were etched in planchements well gravelled
Witty widows stole bedsheets while nuns beseeched absolution
While the geezers wove this great basket from wicker unravelled

Fine needlepoint united the sheeting o’er tea and cheery faces
An art work ballooning in great splendid enraptures
Reinforcements were seamed in from all the mens' braces
Coal blackened pockets from subterranean adventures

The day of departure came easily wearing blue sky
A light breeze from the east took them far out and over the coast
The nuns all but fainted as patrons diminished to vanish on high
Alphonso you Creakster of Alcazar your soul will surely roast
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