Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The mind, the last frontier

That black hole in the centre of our sweet galaxy emits mile high amplitude waves in the range of 30 – 70 Hz. This fact has been verified by the many space craft which have been sucked into it's gravitational horizon, although due to gravitational constraints, these craft have negliged on returning this data to their civilizations of origin. These 30 – 70 Hz wavelengths correspond to the gamma waves produced by earthly human brains, although ours are only a fraction of a millimetre in amplitude. Human gamma brain waves are associated with cognitive processing and meditation, the highest amplitudes being observed in meditating Tibetan monks.

At present we are unable to decode the information being emitted by brain waves. Electroencephalography shows us what patterns are normal, what sleeping states look like, what waking states look like. Gamma waves are the highest frequency waves our brains produce, and these are always in waking states. Does this infer that black holes are awake?

What causes us to wake? Why don't our brains always sleep or hallucinate in their relaxing state? Survival, we surmise, that evolutionary rascal which created them in the first place. Brain theories have so many unanswered questions that we may have to turn everything on it's back and ask, is it possible that our brains operating system which works in quantum waves created us? We live in a quantum universe. Everything is made up of little waves or vibrating strings who have no concrete materialization. They are more like little ideas whose mood is that if it's possible, we'll do it. They flow together, in our universe, making us what we are. They can make anything and they do, but in our universe they make us.

In our waking state, our brains want to make sense of our world because it allows us to function. There are many incidents of things which happen and we tend to rationalize them away because they do not butter our bread: children who know details of deceased ancestors lives and homes, visitations from people on the far side of the earth who succumb to this world and drop by to say goodbye, souls who wander the earth after their bodies have checked out. If we care to listen, these stories are out there in abundance.

The concept of reincarnation has it's moments, but is it really reincarnation or more of a communion of quantum entities who know each other rather intimately in the regions beyond time? These regions beyond time where our souls, for a lack of a better word, decided to have some fun and create a material world, so Madonna would have a place to be 'material girl'. And while they were at it they created black holes, where massive brains could evolve without confusing the daylights out of us lesser beings. Gods incarnated, maybe there is something to the notion after all. We must build a space ship and find out. We'll send home the data.
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