Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Goddess Serendipity debunked

The Wanderer,  Joseph Sigall

I think we have it here, our twelve personae, we're on to something beyond a fribbling nogginal ambiance. All this blogging and thinking, I believe we have figured ourselves out. We're just plain wanderers. No serendipity involved here, we've never set a course in our wanderings for anywhere in particular and you need some sort of zest to happen upon Serendip.

Even our marriage had no purpose, no aim. It just came about in a stumble upon circumstance, like tripping over a root in a path through the woods. It's just that we got all tangled up and the vines grew faster than we could trim them away and we're still entangled after 35 years in the middle of our path to nowhere.

We're no flâneur. We wander the streets with no map and no purpose. No connoisseur of the street here, no special appreciation for any particular field, especially the arts. That 1960's bungalow with the faded siding and unmowen lawn is just the cat's meow.

We surf the internet with no goal in mind. The lies and misleading discourses are just as fascinating as the educated and well thought out homilies. What we write in our blogs takes no thought, we simply type in a bunch of letters which reciprocate our current ambiance and hit spell check and there's a perfect post. And reading material, why the local dumpsters are full of lovely novels which no one wanted at the last garage sale – mind improvement is much like home improvement for the do-it-yourselfer. That's also where we find most of our building materials, we remodel with no goal in mind, just making use of what we find.

Lest we ramble on too long here without mentioning chaos, that utter state of confusion, we succumb. But even chaos is sensitive to initial conditions. Our wanderlust has no beginning and has no end. It is truly the incarnated omnipotent desire us heathens long for in our search through our forlorn universe. It therefore exceeds chaos in its magnitude, assuring total bedlam as the rapturous overtones of our earthly sojourn.      Have a pleasant day, you’all.
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