Thursday, September 4, 2014

Discordianistic randomness

We gather together today to mourn the loss of that which might have been, a charity whose noble aims were dashed in infancy, aborted as it where by the defenders of the good life. This tale adheres not much to the truth, coming from a non sociopathic habitual liar who errs on the side of wrongfulness. We begin our journey of woe with an application to the Canada Revenue Agency for charitable status on behalf of the Goddess Eris Foundation to help all sojourners to achieve chaos in their lives and country. This comes on the wake of a recent conversion to Discordianism, a religion and subsequent philosophy based on the veneration or worship of Eris also known as Discordia, the Greek goddess of chaos, or archetypes or ideals associated with her. It was founded after the 1965 publication of its first holy book, the Principia Discordia.

(If you want in on the Discordian Society then declare yourself what you wish, do what you like, and tell them about it, or if you prefer don't. There are no rules anywhere.)

Now this here Canada Revenue Agency has bent. They must prevent the gullible tax payers from being ripped off by naughty anarchists so they forthwith come out with some factors that will prevent an organization from being registered as a charity. To be charitable at law, an organization must have purposes that fall under one or more of the four categories of charity: the relief of poverty, the advancement of education, the advancement of religion, and certain other purposes that benefit the community in a way the courts have said is charitable. Organizations with political purposes will not qualify for registration.

The courts have determined political purposes to be those that seek to: further the interests of a particular political party; or support a political party or candidate for public office; or retain, oppose, or change the law, policy, or decision of any level of government in Canada or a foreign country. Organizations with activities contrary to Canadian public policy will not qualify for registration. A public policy is a definite and officially declared and implemented policy (i.e., found in an act of Parliament, or a regulation).

It's a fun trip arguing with Canada Revenue Agency's gentility on philosophical issues such as whether chaotic randomness as a religious concept has overtones of disruption to the policies of the Canadian public. Random selection's use in politics is very old, as office holders in Ancient Athens were chosen by lot, there being no voting. Now Revenue Canada's take on this is that it would be a major blow to democracy if our dearly anointed representatives were chosen by lot and not by ballot. They had to agree that we were not supporting any one candidate and by default any particular view pertaining to any policies but they just could not get there heads around this idea that a democracy could function with randomly anointed policy makers. They had to agree that chaotic randomness could be a religious concept and that we had a right to the advancement of our religion and even that we were providing education in certain universal realities.

But for a religion to question the culling of those pillars of our society, the fine upstanding candidates who subjected their total lives to the scrutiny of the nation, was dissentient. Those aspirants, who if they wanted a position of leadership and the responsibility, they had to play the 'power-play,' the 'political game, that everything they did had to have an angle; every conversation; every project they took on; everything they volunteered to. Their doings, their successes, their contributions all open to scrutiny. How they were going to 'protect' the people, the land, and above all the Queen; marriages often reconciled for the heroism. It had little to do with how right they were about anything, but only on how they were perceived. And we questioned this valiance?

We tried in vain to reason with Revenue Canada. We patiently explained to them how politics works, the left and the right. On the right the useful idiots (the normal people) were the end-of-days religious fundamentalists, and the nativists, and the racists, and the nationalists. They all acted out of their true beliefs and emotions, and were manipulated by the sociopathic ruling class. On the left, were those who earnestly went about trying to respond to every absurdity coming out of the loony right-wing. They refuted every stupid and absurd comment with facts, and studies, and statistics. They basked in the glory of being right about the issues, about the science, about the empirical evidence. It was all done in a mainly ineffective and powerless echo chamber, but ultimately, also was manipulated by the same sociopathic ruling class.

We showed with empirical philosophical evidence that introducing a spiff of chaos into the system would muddle the stranglehold the luminaries had on the masses. However, it was apparently felt that to randomly select Ivy the seamstress, and Carl the plasterer, and Susan the accountant, and Arthur the landlord to oversee the acquisition of F-18's would be much less Canadian policy oriented than electing very meticulous, merciless, remorseless, shallow, not to mention manipulative and ambitious vain individuals whose only goal in life was power and prestige to oversee the acquisition of F-18's.

Discordian's have faith in their goddess however. Chaos will come, Canada Revenue Agency or not.
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