Monday, November 17, 2014

The age of bullshit

In the present age of bullshit which follows the information age, which follows the sixties, which follows the age of reason, it is not the end of the world if few read your blog. There are just too few folk cultured and honourable enough to savvy the vastness of your wisdom and audacity. They like bullshit of their own brainless variety, not yours. Whats more, few who have any kind of life have the time to ingest more than a handful of really cultured blogs every day or two anyhow, and the rest, well, do we really care?

This age of bullshit is revered by statesmen and ideologists alike. In the age of reason they actually had to make sense, although they often got carried away in their enthusiasm. In the sixties, enough said. Then with the information age they all got overwhelmed, and ended up picking and choosing what might tolerably justify their ends. Now in the age of bullshit, it's just give it feculence full steam ahead, the more absurd the more devoured.

Truth and integrity have lost their meaning in legal mumble jumble. And if rectitude can't be confused by legalities, then just lie like crazy and stick your ground, the majority will probably believe it since the human condition has several million years of experience in believing vagaries. Most myths where created out of someone's sense of humour but where gobbled up as postulates by the genteel masses.

We should not get overly depressed over all the bullshit flying around today though. It makes excellent fertilizer for the coming age of weed when the overgrowth of bemusement will render any of the past ages palatable.
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