Sunday, July 19, 2015

Boo boos

Boo boos teach us. A young cat who singes his little paw on a hot stove top will think before venturing ever again near that inviting surface with all the yummy smells.

She swept me away. That little red headed girl. Got me hormones pumping when she fell asleep on my shoulder just past high school. One time out to hockey game and then she said “No.” Took three months to dissipate those imperishable wonders of disconsonant avidity, mind numbly unaware in fields of sweet grasses and butterflies, the feel of that soft hair. I wish you the best, little red headed girl.

Little paws heal, adolescent hearts endure. Boo boos create the charm in mahogany. Then there are calamities.

That warmhearted pouch who just wished to greet a solitary bicycle pedlar on a sunny stretch of highway past family farms and holdings where all the good things in life are encompassed. Got nailed by a car from the other way in his enthusiasm, never to move again.

We ask, do boo boos have a degree to their catastrophe? Some boo boos end up in wheel chairs and some end in coffins. Is death our last boo boo? Life does go on for the rest of us, for now anyhow. Meanwhile we suffer on, life would be so so bland. The charm in the mahogany. We dream.

Best to keep a gentle spirit, just in case. This holographic universe, the greatest boo boo ever. He was full of love, that warmhearted pouch. Time may be but the convenience of our consciousness in our multilayered universe. His warmheartedness may remain forever in the realms beyond time. We just don't know, this boo boo in our cognizance.

Sweep me away forever more, my little red headed girl. My holographic fantasy. My boo boo. I dream of you in the dentist chair. Ouch
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