Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lead me down your garden path

Please lead me down your delectable quaint garden path
Would rather be wheedled by your twinkling Amaryllis
Than frig with a mind that is hell bound on obliqueness
Your burgeoning pompons they instill fanciful sweetness

Just yesterday morning my soul rotted in despondency
Gaffing some trite narration on the histology of zombie cruor
Why, why inject our angelic minds with incorporeal dread
Coaxes enjoining the hardscrabble reality of the Urban Dead

Romp to the left through that field of Lilies unfettered by yarn
And raspberries sweet as the succulence of 'double a batteries'
On a twisty path far astray from voodoo's reanimated cadaver
Holding hands to marvel at yon melons fringed with lavender

Mercy me, my heart's in my throat, it must be the Orchids
That fragrance so sweet seems mine eyes burst forth with fire
Oh all is forsaken mine i-pad has croaked, oh yen has it's wrath
Shucks be to lechery slithering down your ambrosial path
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