Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mirror, mirror

There was this old fool and he looked much like me. He hid in my mirror and he'd peek back at me. So one fine day I asked him out of sheer vanity, his views and perceptions on humanity. “Well,” says he without batting an eye, “Man's god and man's money, they do make me sigh.”

“The concepts of god and money have many similarities. Both have values which are hard to define, and they are dependant on what we make of them. God is said to be the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship. In reality, money is much the same, if not more so. They both made themselves known unto mankind about the same time, within the last two million years, and have morphed into what we have today.

“Money” has a profound influence on the diffusion of food and shelter in a world where there are enough resources to make everyone comfortable. “God” has a profound influence over the diffusion of cultures in a world where we all live with the same actualities. The values we attribute to them pretty much rule us.

Now we have this new finagled concept called responsibility. It builds on the concepts of god and money, commingling the two into one awesome truth to be adhered to by the strictest of moral sanction, admonishing all to labour vivaciously and not screw up the system. God and money both invoke this responsibility, god as the essence of purpose which mankind must fulfill, and money as the essence of hard labour which mankind must endure. Purpose and hard labour, coalescing into that sufferable yardstick of deference known as the gross domestic product. A little austerity hear and there, and the derivatives can eschew much vivaciousness.

The problem with all this is that evolution works in mysterious ways. Survival has more often than not depended on the diversification of species, not on their desire to breed with the best looking rooster. Life evolves, and species are expendable, so it seems. It is hard to fathom, but the GDP along with god and money may be a dead end.”

Well, well now my fine mirror hanging awry on the wall, hiding this fool who seems blessed to know it all, can I beseech of you to bring him forth with, his views on the outcome of such abominable pith.

“Luckily for mankind we have not thrown all our eggs in one basket. Besides god and money and the ensuing responsibility, we have anarchism, also making itself known unto mankind within the last two million years. Encompassing a lack of faith this concept is quite definable and is also quite independent of what we may make of it. Utter chaos, adherent to no one, anarchy brings a springy clarifying alternative to the intricacies of the GDP. In an insolvent and atheistic world we are not godless, we have anarchy.

Finally, a definable god, this utter chaos. A deficient, impotent, feckless destroyer and vassal of nothing, a concept so breathtakingly simple no soul could help but throw a brick on it's behalf into the schism of plunder. Mankind's future this chaos, an evolving concept in the throws of our extinction.

Chaos theory. In that infinitely small moment when it all started, the big bang, there was absolute chaos. That moment is so infinitely small that it can not exist yet it determined the whole future of our universe, even the tear in thine eye. Ya, quantum mechanics, that evolving bit of speculation powered by determined chaos, predetermined but totally unpredictable. We can't know where we are going and we can't change inevitability. Yes, we are screwed, we must mossy on into the schism.”

Now my mirror, my mirror on the wall, how can you allow this damn fool to utter this drawl? I've good mind to wing you with this here old brick, seven years of bad luck is worth smacking that old frick.

“The throws of anarchism shall flower before us. We shall rent vexation upon ourselves and our offspring. Chaos shall dwell among us. We will evolve thick skulls to ward off the bricks, and our brains will shrink so they no longer fathom the ambiguities of omnipotence and tokenage. Our skin will grow scales to...”


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