Saturday, July 4, 2015

Thank you Plastic Man

Thou hast pilfered mother nature of her wretched virtue
When all was thought to be lost to the forces of good and righteousness
   you held your heads high and lambasted the earth with annihilation
We owe unto you the eternal debt of our procreation
Beholden to you we proliferate with rapturous abandon

Thou hadst trifled with that floundering nucleic acid
The Great Mother was so want for her little children to wax prolific
   in monotonous adaptions to her vagarious environs
Oh how you salvaged rapaciousness from the grips of her magnanimity
Beholden to no one we delight in your slanted obsessions

Thine haphazard generosity stimulating the ostentatious great warming
Hell bent on the aggrandizement of your vaporous plastic tokens
   fulfilling your innermost evolutionary hankering for that virtual reality
To rid the Sweet Madam of her superfluous animateness
Beholden we laugh ensanguined at our unconscionable good fortune

Thou created for thine dallying fixation us rubber duckies all in a row
Imperishable fictile a spurious ersatz with embedded crystalline circuitries
   endowed with oversized phalluses druthering our thermionic rituals of mating
We scorn much as you did the gross little vermin tepefaction fried with abandon
Beholden to Thine Providential insights, our heroic dead creators

Thanks be to Thine scintillating random fluctuating of the electromagnetic wave
We propagate licentiously with teeny filched azoic roboties labouring 24/7
   to fabricate all us rubber ducky clones powered by calefaction all in a row
We sail this dead starship with no feeling and no soul and no scruples
Beholden to chemical carnage zapping Mother Nature in mortiferous gestalt

Oh we're on a journey and round and round we go, we go
O'er a phlegmatic slightly liquidated baron earth we waddle on
   anaesthetized we just don't care, from minerals we draw our sprightly oomph
Us rubber duckies in a rows and rows and rows, millions of miles long we go
Beholden to you we're quite inane, and round and round the sun we go
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