Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oops, I'm a Mechanic

Yes, I'm a mechanic

Weaving in and weaving out
Of the potholes in my mind
Playing chicken with ideas
Sort of scared at what I find

Superstition is a virtue
Keeps me sane from time to time
If I do it just like last time
Everything will be just fine

In my sleep I rotate gears
All becomes innate in me
When I wake it takes awhile
To separate my entity

Today I had an awful day
The little green men had vowed
But as this trany resurrected
It's integrity better be self-endowed

If I told you how I reckon
You'd say “Oh that's so sick”
So I'll just tell you stories
And you'll think I'm really slick

Your appointment's for tomorrow
We'll overhaul and apply ointment
Have it here at seven thirty
If you dare, we really care
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