Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Off to the big house

In this episode of home on the range, we will investigate the use of encryption as a means of hiding my sweeties medications for the nice homecare workers who so willingly come by to look after us when the authorities abscond me off to the big house every so often.

Now my sweety hints of a touch of dementia and really has a problem with taking her meds, or stringently following any routine for that matter, and out of sight in evasive locations seems to be the best policy all around. We ventured using a digital safe, but in her unending passion for obtaining those mind altering substances, and an unlimited amount of time to struggle with the keys, she cracked the seven digit code in three days flat. Like they say, given enough time even a monkey can type out the complete works of Shakespeare. Seems cognitive skills don't need a whole lot of memory to function. It's like your old PC functioning when it's 10k of storage was full. You just delete a few files and you're good to go.

So we have forthwith schemed up a plan incorporating the deletion of files of personal memory, so any well intentioned homecare worker can find the meds with relative ease. As anyone who has witnessed an Alzheimer's patient working on a memory test, subtracting 7 from 100 and again 7 from the result and so on can be a mite challenging, we have thus merged this challenge with an encryption scheme delightfully challenging even the most robust memory challenged seeker. We certainly are hopeful our homecare workers will find our home and it's challenge invigorating and we are hopeful also that our sweety will not misplace the paper that the encryption is written on. It's not always easy to get a phone call through to the big house.

As a thoughtful gesture of benevolence we have included a simple encryption in this blog. Just begin by counting 100 characters, spaces and punctuation count, and two spaces between sentences. The next count would be 100 – 7 = 93 and so on. Have fun! This works awesomely well for those with nefarious inspiration as well because for the powers that be to attempt decrypting every blog in the universe will be heart warming. Just make sure you change your method often.

All us personas love our sweety dearly. The perplexities we encounter do give rise to some creative adaptations to an otherwise sometimes bromidic life. Cooking and cleaning does get to a gallivanter.
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