Sunday, April 5, 2015

Thank you

Wreathing on the floor in a bit of pain the last several months, I wished to express my thanks when it slowly eased, so I said “Thank you.” It's difficult for me to say what I addressed my “Thank you” towards, in my mind I'm simply thankful. I have a great deal of difficulty in believing 'in' anything much. I'm not much of an atheist either because I can't say for certain that our universe doesn't have some purpose, and for me that would mean some sort of 'god' so I just leave it an open option.

Growing up in a super religious environment where the most important concept in life was 'being saved' it took me many decades to reach some resolution within me that I could be comfortable with, and I can't say it's not ongoing, although I can deal with it in a much more lighthearted way as I age. A belief is 'faith' in the unprovable or often provably incorrect using the scientific method, until someone theorizes that the scientific method has flaws (which has been done). I don't have much faith in anything, especially my own cognition. Yes, I live on the edge.

I really like fairies and fairy tales. If I wished to create my own religion it would be full of lighthearted fairies playing pranks in meadows full of flowers, with a few trolls hiding under little bridges just to make life interesting. And actually that's not much different than the religion I grew up with except mine is more frolicsome. Religions are for the most part just plain too heavy. Believe what you want, but just don't take it so dang serious. My god would have an obnoxious sense of humour.

Our society has evolved a lighthearted view of certain celebrations such as the Easter bunny, Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, jack-o'-lanterns, to name some. It's a lighthearted thing which no one takes too seriously except little kids till they grow wise to it. Is this where our curiosity is leading us? Humanity seems to have this need.

So I say thank you. And I injudiciously believe my god has a sense of humour about the whole thing. Dumb humans.
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