Monday, April 21, 2014

My hat

I went to the courthouse to pay my sweet fine
For running a red light just past nick of time
Stood in line for ten minutes, was next up for coerce
When up came this sentry of the Achillean force

Now I'm sixty plus grey haired and walk with a limp
I perceived of no motive from this meddlesome blimp
My hat was the culprit he astutely surmised
The long line behind me was greatly surprised

“Does our Queen need her reverence in places of law?”
But this way of reasoning was found to have flaw
His take on my homage caused him to be cautious
So he called for his back up in case I became noxious

It was simply the rule that in presence of dictum
Our heads should be empty in case they fell victim
To spurts of insanity which may lead to onslaught
When paying high costs for acts wickedly fraught

Now not really thinking I took both my hands
Doffing said scourge gently from diminishing strands
And folded it inwards with great loving care
When horror of horrors, there's a gun in my stare

"You'll drop that right now put your hands in the air"
So gently it drifted and fell in a chair
My hands went to heaven, the crowd scattered wide
“Quite honestly sir, I have nothing to hide”

My ticket was paid to the cashier she'd greyed
My bank account lightened by more than a shade
The crowd gave me leeway as I gimped to the door
Most combing their tangles to keep the decor
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