Saturday, October 18, 2014

'New World Order' Challenged Folk

As victims of the great Canadian CPC experiment there is hope. We have in the making a medical diagnosis as to what is ailing the 'transnational new world order' challenged folk of our great land. We will soon be in a position to sue the pants off our great leader and his cohorts for their unflinching role in subverting our honorable citizens and battering them till they find it expedient to deny such exploitation and decline to admit they are being manipulated by a paranoid and psychopathic state.

James F. Tracy with a PhD from the University of Iowa has expertise in Media History and Analysis and Political Economy of Communication. He is an educator located in South Florida at the Florida Atlantic University and teaches courses examining the relationship between commercial and alternative news media and socio-political issues and events. His recent work has been published in Journalism Practice, Work, Organization, Labor and Globalization, and two edited volumes. He is editor of Democratic Communiqué, a publication of the Union for Democratic Communications, an affiliate of Project Censored, He is also a regular contributor to Additional analyses and commentaries are accessible at

In his intriguing and scholarly peer reviewed scientific analysis “Confronting Battered Citizen Syndrome” Professor Tracy states “Battered citizen syndrome is an extremely damaging psychological condition impacting individuals who are collectively subjected to emotional abuse and political disenfranchisement by the psychopathic types that all-too-frequently occupy public office in an era of political and socio-economic decay.”

Reviewed by many with the same sense of the chicanery ebbing from our elite masters, even the invincible writer and commentator David Icke has thrown his weight behind the prognosis.

Professor Tracy goes on to urge that “This syndrome subdues individuals’ awareness of their own historical and political agency, and discourages them from seeking assistance for and ultimately remedying their unsafe situation.” We must agree that we Canadians are being incongruously led as followers who are following where no one has ever followed before.

With our government telling us so much of their information is classified for our own good it is hard not to consider theories of cabal when it is so obvious that this same government supports much of the entropy which leads to the collateral they are classifying in the first place. All these secrets: the facts on Putin's altruism in the Ukraine or do they just listen to the CBC? or the reasons behind ISIS desire to create a safe haven for all good Muslims though by a rather distorted philosophy according to most Islamic adherents, or a no fly list where your suspicions of being graciously included are vaguely confirmed when you are denied the privilege of boarding a flight from Saskatoon to Winnipeg and are relegated to the bus, or charities being stifled in their attempts to enlighten their dear leaders on issues of sociological and environmental concerns, or scientists discouraged from divulging their equitable findings, or Israel being vanquished of all wrong doing when most of the world sees a log in someone's eye, or the secrecy and obvious bribery behind our free trade deals which by any grandmother's judgment should be open and transparent, and probably the most rapturous achievement of ignoring the common Canadian sentiment of living in a summer cottage by the lake devoid of economic idiots infiltrating our airwaves with doublespeak on pipelines to stimulate an economy which no one could care less about except those in ivory towers who wish to enhance their fortunes. The list could go on.

Our Supreme Court of Canada has a history with the CPC experiment and it will be an interesting day when the class action suits start coming in, medical diagnosis of the battering in hand, to return the prestige of Canadian unostentatiousness to it's discerning level, ripe with Chretien's sense of humor.

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