Thursday, October 16, 2014

I had a dream...

The year of our lord 2029 is upon us. Lockheed Martin Corp, bless their soles, has 6,649 fusion reactors in operation world wide after a breakthrough in using pressure cookers as the magnetic chamber for storing the heat released and has thousands more on the production line at $149.95 each plus tax so everyone can have one in their home and car. The oil mega corps are paying us 50 cents a liter at the pumps to use their glut of oil in a loss minimization strategy where it is cheaper for them to keep producing oil from their antiquated infrastructure than to actually shut it down and clean up the mess.

Ah, the second coming, from out of the depths of Gaza's bombed out infrastructure, he returned, a dusty concrete ruin for a manger, to take over the reigns from Hamas to make peace with Israel and ride into Jerusalem on a Magach 7 as the new king of a now peaceful and heavenly land. Even Arab spring was vanquished as Isis saw the folly of their ways and proceeded to help overthrow the many autocratic regimes in and about the cradle of civilization.

Occupy Wall street made a huge come back in the west after Lady Gaga was declared president of the mighty US of A in an election which saw 175,000 million voters write her name on the margins of their ballots. The billionaires threw up their arms in amazement at the turn of events and most went to their banks to withdraw trillions of twenties and disperse them in the wind so all could have a share.

Even Russia and China sat up and took notice of world events to unflinchingly deactivate their atomic weapons and remove the stranglehold they had on internet censorship so all could watch Lady Gaga sing her way into the hearts and souls of their mesmerized citizens. The only holdout to political polar shift is North Korea's limping leader Kim Jong-un, but Lady Gaga has ordered billions of rolls of duck tape which will be used to wrap the country from head to toe. In her words “With duck tape we can rectify one another. Do you wanna peak underneath the cover?”

We can all of us curl up tonight in our cozy easy chairs knowing we are in good hands, and that tomorrow will bring blue skies and peace on earth and good will towards all men and women and those in between.
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