Friday, October 3, 2014

My demented mind

In my daily wanderings around our neighbourhood I come across homeless people. They remind me of myself when I wandered our continent in my younger days, although I usually found a better place to sleep than a concrete sidewalk, and I never stayed in one place very long. I often sit down for a few minutes and offer them a smoke and communicate in some fashion which is sometimes no more than a smile. After sixty years on this earth I still really have no advice for them or any great desire to give them any. The people who I remember with most fondness are those who had no agenda.

I've come to many conjectures about things. There is no higher power and the universe has no purpose that I can surmise. Humans have evolved as the top predator on our little earth and any belief in rights to be here or control anything are just our survival instincts. Our social values and politicking has the same significance as that of an ant colony. There is no reason anyone has to follow any of our customs or rules other than to survive and live in a way which they are inclined to within the society they are given, if it is on the fringe then so be it.

I do have a great curiosity about things. Science is fascinating stuff. I also surmise that our consciousness works on a level beyond chemicals and electrical switches which gives us the ability to have soul, and a yet to be understood 'other' connection with everything. I love satire, and anyone with an agenda which meanders from my conjectures is a sitting duck, be it Stevie or ... oh well, Stevie. I really hope humans can continue to mellow in their adversarial endeavours and learn what makes our universe tick, and perhaps communicate someday with other life. I still can't see this as a purpose, but am I getting closer?   My purpose - to infinity and beyond, yes, lost in space.

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