Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Such a soup

We found a piece of pork in our soup yesterday. This was rather shocking because we couldn't remember adding pork to our soup since last spring.

We love our soup. Every once in a week or two we take out our large rock hard frozen soup canister and after thawing it in our large soup pot we eye it up to see if it's enough for a meal. This is seldom the case, so we look through our fridge and freezer and cupboards to see what we have on hand to bring it up to a sustainable level. Anything is fair game, however we do avoid macaroni unless it is a dire emergency while funds are low because macaroni tends to get a little soggy after several rounds of reheating.

This soup has a delicious flavour, mellowed over the years with cabbage, green beans, corn, peas, carrots, celery, dill, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, turnips, beets, and of course tomatoes to mention the more common veggies. Then there are the meats which is often browned hamburger, left over chicken, the last scraps of a roast be it beef or pork, and in the case of our piece of pork which we remembered vividly being from two frozen pork chops which we cut up and added on May 23 this spring. If it accidentally gets too thin from a half hazard guess at adding water before it gets thawed in the pot we just add a dump of rice, white or brown, to the mix and vuala (that's the dumbassed English way of spelling the french voila), we have a thick and nutritious meal with a few slices of homemade brown bread.

If you wish to use this delicious recipe, a dire warning, never add fish. We inadvertently added a frozen package of unknown substance several years ago which turned out to be salmon as our noses awoke to the aroma. It took a whole year before our three cats no longer fought us over our vittles. And it smells up the house a little. Just a warning :)
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