Saturday, January 10, 2015

Freedom of the blog

With freedom of the press being in everyone's fancy right now we, our twelve personas that is, decided to tackle a rather delicate subject here on Sweet Words. With our internal dilemma of having disparaging views on the perplexities of the redneckèd way of life, we feel ourselves the perfect doohickey for tackling consternating topics. So we all had a rather lively debate on which delicate topic to tackle today here.

We discussed examining the pros and cons of displaying nude pics of key political figures in the hopes of furthering the examination of their ideologies, however since this is a really polite blog and we all find attired folk more appealing to behold anyhow, especially politicians, we decided to circumvent that opportunity. So we all settled on the issue of simply expounding our Prime Minister with imperfect tenderness.

Our Prime Minister being perfectly tender already, you can tell by the porky beady little eyes, it doesn't take much of a leap to expound his pompousness. It's all in the degree of perfection, or imperfection as it were, to roast him with. Total perfection is really hard to achieve, so one of the pros for expounding imperfectly is that it's just plain easier. With his illusory uprooting of laws preserving the Canadian ecological landscape, and his chastising of scientists and government workers for their insights, not to mention his tendency to provoke ill regard from other nations by his cockamamy nescience, he leaves us ample room to expound partially.

On the other hand this expounding with imperfection may lead to some nasty consequences. We may end up on the conservative party bad persons list which would open us up to audits from Revenue Canada, although for us that would be a breeze since we've been living off the good will of CPP Disability for the last decade and have x-rays and scans to prove our missing body parts and blood tests to confirm some pestiferous diseases for which the auditors would need avail themselves of full body suits with gloves and masks to cipher our contaminated documents. The more serious consequence may be trying to cross the border to the belovèd country to the south where border guards who disdain bribes unmercifully extort cherished passwords to our mediocre philanderings in hopes of saving their beleaguered citizens from our drivel.

We all think, our personas that is, that we're reasonably safe then, unless our dear Prime Minister can't rig the votes and gets defeated in our next round of balloting. We strongly feel that he may then resort to a coup d'etat, with his admiration for the diplomacy prevalent in banana republics, and his strong standing with the soldiery hetmen who's main purpose is to increasingly protect the endeavours of the rich and powerful. But then young Trudeau has a few tricks up his sleeve so us common folk would have some days of respite to watch CBC be as impartial as ever.

Our somewhat redneckèd mechanic was lost in his own thoughts all through this discussion so we asked him on his valued opinion. He says “Whatever cranks your tractor guys, but I thinks this here primed minister, he's slicker than a bald tire semi on a patch of black ice, and I thinks we oughts to mind yer Qs an' Ps or we's all be bankrolin' his next photo op.” So we have it here, a somewhat unanimous reckoning that freedom of the press can be a rather delicate subject to be expounded with some delicacy especially with our somewhat perfectly tendered Prime Minister.
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