Monday, January 12, 2015

On the Origin of Oligarchy

“On the Origin of Oligarchs,” a work even less widely read than Stephen Harper's “A Great Game,” is a work of nescientific literature which is considered to be the foundation of autocratic politics. Its full title was “On the Origin of Oligarchs by Means of Monied Manipulation, or the Preservation of Favoured Elite in the Struggle for Control of the Masses.” For the sixth edition which was leaked to the masses by some Edward Snowden type character, the short title was changed to “The Origin of Oligarchs.” This book was written in the vaults of some right wing political think tank in the late 20th century and introduced the nescientific theory that political oligarchs evolve over the course of a mere generation through a process enabled by sociopathism. It presented a body of evidence that sociopathic control of the masses was enabled by these masses ignorance descending from a branching pattern of their subservient family tree history. It included evidence obviously gathered from the floor of a mail room at Imperial Oil in the late 1970s and resorted to findings from biased research, correspondence with the rich and powerful, and experiments involving manipulation and mind control.

Various theories of empowerment had already been floated to explain new concepts in social manipulation through sociopathic oligarchs. There was growing support for such ideas among old school billionaires and the general elite, but during the 19th and 20th centuries the monied elitist establishment was closely tied to the Roman Catholic Church, while the concept of acceptable sociopathism was more part of evangelical protestant theology. Ideas about the condoning of sociopathic qualities in leadership were controversial as they conflicted with the beliefs that our species should be governed by those with more balanced personalities. The political and theological implications were intensely debated, but sociopathic qualities in oligarchs became more acceptable by the old school elite into the 21st century.

After the death of Pierre Trudeau in 2000, our Prime Minister Steven Harper wrote an editorial criticizing Trudeau's policies as they affected Western Canada. He wrote that Trudeau "embraced the fashionable causes of his time, with variable enthusiasm and differing results", but "took a pass" on the issues that "truly defined his century". Harper subsequently accused Trudeau of promoting "unabashed socialism", and argued that Canadian governments between 1972 and 2002 had restricted economic growth through "state corporatism." It is obvious that this editorial was heavily influenced by “On the Origin of Oligarchs” and that he had gained the wisdom that leaders with balanced personalities actually listening to the general population and attempting to implement the best possible legislation for the masses was seldom good for the monied elite.

According to reports surfacing from the National Post, Stephen Harper is also a great fan of Joseph Stalin's leadership style. Harper over the years has apparently styled himself after the former Soviet dictator, utilizing portions of Stalin's philosophy in order to divide his troops, pitting friend against friend, in order to keep himself in power. A senior conservative cabinet minister (who asked that the national post do not release his name) claims that: Harper had “read and mastered” the biography and leadership style of Russia’s Communist dictator Josef Stalin, and said the prime minister has adopted some of the same tactics. “He plays people off against one another, he attempts to inspire fear rather than respect, he is unpredictable and he is 100% focused on eliminating the opposition,” the senior Conservative explained. “In fact, Harper is so intense on getting rid of the opposition that he cannot focus on any other task except for that, and this is why the other policies of the government have taken such a back burner position.
The most important thing is to obtain a majority, at all costs, so that our party might move forward on our agenda, without the input of any other parties in parliament. We have expended as much energy in stymieing the opposition, as we have in developing policy and programs.”

As our 21st century putters on, “On the Origin of Oligarchs” highlights our world's politics, including Canada's, with sociopathic leaders of the manipulated masses fighting sociopathic terrorists bent on also manipulating the masses. It will be known as the century of sociopaths.

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