Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Salsa de Cranberry


*One package red ripe cranberries (rinsed in cold water if'n yer fussy)
*About two (2) cups water depending on how juicy you wants em
*One quarter (1/4) cup sugar unless you gots a sweet tooth then you better put in a whole whop more


*In a pot that don't leak to bad boil yer water 'n sugar. They always says boil it fer five (5) minutes but we's never seen no use fer it 'n it maken no difference so long as it boils.

*Dump in yer icky clean cranberries 'n keep boilin the whole mess. Them cranberries gunno start popin. Don't hide it bein pretty normal. When they's all done poppin you turns down yer heat a mite and lets em simmer (thet's a real fancy word fer letin em cook real slow like) fer abouts fifteen (15) minutes till yer gots a nice red mush.

*If'n yer pot leaks, put the whole mess in a bowl that don't leak an put it in the cooler till yer salsa is cool (as in cold)


Yer gets yerself a bowl of ice cream now (the old fashioned hard kind) an yer puts a big scoop of yer cool salsa on top. Now you enjoy, cause we sure do n we likes to share our happinesses.

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