Saturday, January 24, 2015

Garlic Hornswoggler

Our personas all got together and came to a major decision in our life.  It is rough, these life altering decisions, just as traumatic as the day you decide no longer to suck your thumb, or sneaking that first cup of coffee and getting ripped.  But we have decided to live together as one peaceful mind in perfect harmony with our disabled body.  We will become none other than Garlic Hornswoggler who lives in the bush on the back 40 with his chickens and cows and pigs and other friends and of course our unwitting wife (we did obtain consent but she forgot within three minutes so we just put her in the pickup and she thinks we're on a vacation).

So we invite both of our faithful followers to come with us to and endure more of the same old same old, but perhaps from a little less diverging perspective.  The coffee's always on at "Life in the back 40."  Take care.
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