Friday, February 14, 2014

Man hater tart vs chauvinist pig

Went to Walmart today to find a nice tart
Had visions of sweetness filling my heart
Just wanted to taste one and savor it's fill
Desire consumed me never mind the bill

The search was intended to enhance the pleasure
So into the pet food I went for good measure
And to my surprise I did see a nice pie
But it's label said catnip not what I'd try

I hid in men's clothing and peeked down the aisles
Ignoring promotions the site lines were miles
When something enticed me way past the barrage
Rats, my eyes had deceived me it was just a mirage

So hither the food court I wandered nonchalantly
And into the pastries and there I found promptly
A tart so inviting my heart was just lopen
But trying was vain it's wrapper to open
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