Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thou Shalt Not Lie

Oh joy, please forgive me but I just found my shoe
The sole was in heaven, the laces at Seven-Eleven
It's loss was amusing, the search took repenting
Now my wisdom is missing, I'll have to try Sears

My wife's watching tele, straight Deja View
She has her own theories on how they should slue
Confused in the present, mixes up the past
Can't help but love her, her smile's a blast

I was told in my youth, nonsense was uncouth
But logic is futile when the cats need a bath
The lucky thing is, I can make up a lie
And tell her sincerely “But there's no hair dye”

The fruit's in the oven, the soap's in the fridge
The plates are in the garbage, but not to despair
We can search together for all things amiss
And when we do find them, she's in pure bliss

Oh nuts, now I'm Popeye, I'll have to pretend
That I really love spinach, and have muscles to fend
It's good to be a hero and rescue that mouse
From her cats who do love her (fed ten times a day)
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