Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Tale of George and Peter Rabbit

Befuddled George sat on his throne absorbed in conversation with Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit had persuaded George to come with him to Mr. McGregor's garden so they could knock over the scare crow, so George arose from his throne and put on his hat and coat and followed Peter Rabbit out the door. Across the street they went and into the back yard of Mr. McGregor where Peter Rabbit lived with his family in a hole in the ground with a nice kitchen, which was really a bomb shelter (little known to George). They climbed into the hole and Peter Rabbit's mom made them a nice pot of chamomile tea which George really enjoyed.

Then it was time to tackle the scare crow. George looked up at it and it was metal and tall with a large round face on top. George said to Peter Rabbit “This is too strong to knock over but maybe if I climb to the top I can knock the face off so it won't scare anyone.”  Peter Rabbit jumped up and down and said “Yes, please try.” So George started climbing and got half way up when Mr. McGregor came out the back door. Mr. McGregor was startled and blurted “Who are you up there climbing my tower, what are you doing?” And George rather taken aback said “Peter Rabbit wants me to knock the face off your scare crow.” Well, Mr. McGregor was so dumbfounded he went back in his house and called the police.

George continued climbing but when he neared the top he was distracted by the whoop, whoop of a siren coming down the back lane. A fancy car with lights all flashing stopped right behind the house and out got no one other than Tommy Brock, the veteran kidnapper. George thought “Oh no, he's coming to get Peter Rabbit,” but Tommy came over to the scarecrow and looking up said “Hey you up there, I've come to take you away, away, and if you don't come down now I'll call the fire department and they'll carry you down.” So George not wanting to be carried down by the fire department slowly climbed all the way back down to the ground.

When George got to the ground Tommy put a big net over him and dragged him over to the fancy car and stuffed him in the back seat. Tommy drove George all the way to one of Mr. Tod's houses and put him in an iron cage that Mr. Tod had built in the back corner. In the mean time, Peter Rabbit, who had been hiding behind a big cabbage when Tommy came, and knew that Tommy was not a nice man and would make a big pie out of George, had followed the fancy car all the way to Mr. Tod's house. Peter Rabbit sneaked into Mr. Tod's house because the door was open just a crack, and saw George in the steel cage with a huge lock on the door. Peter Rabbit saw that Tommy, with a big bag of doughnuts, had dozed off at the table and a big key was right there in front of him. So very quietly Peter Rabbit jumped up on the table, but the key was too heavy for him to carry, so he jumped down and pushed a broom so George could just reach it.

Peter Rabbit whispered to George “Hook the key with the broom, and when you get the key, put it in the lock real quite and turn it.” So George hooked the key with the broom and put the key in the lock and turned it and the door came open ever so gently. Peter Rabbit whispered “Follow me.” So George and Peter Rabbit real quietly sneaked out the open door and hiding from everyone in the back lanes, made their way back to Peter Rabbit's house where George lived quite happily with Peter Rabbit's family for many years, eating Mr. McGregor's vegetables. Because Mr. McGregor never went into his bomb shelter he didn't know George was there with the rabbits, and Tommy couldn't find George either. And George never climbed up the scarecrow ever again.
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