Monday, February 17, 2014

Offshoot biker gang goes green

Offshoot biker gang goes green

Bunkum News reporter Crystal Really met with Igor the Terrible in a rare face to face meeting on a trip to southern California last week. Igor was rumoured to have split with his mentor bros to found a new order in the motorcycle club world.

Igor told Crystal Really that he had no ill will toward his former colleagues, but he just loved electric bikes, and this didn't necessarily go over too well with a bunch of Harley enthusiasts. With his love for bikes and speed he just could not resist the new Lightning bikes which went over 200 mph and left the old Harleys in the dust. And he loved the silence – no one could hear him coming.

He was also really hyped up about his new venture into green energy. He didn't like paying anyone for electricity so his club, the Heaven's Nerds, were buying up chunks of property in the Nevada desert were they planned to set up huge solar and wind energy projects. He said there was more money available from the government for this type of operation than he could ever make “Bustin peoples' heads,” and the future for green energy was so rosy it just made him giddy. And he could race his bikes all he wanted with “no friggin cops botherin me.”

When asked about the unique patch he was wearing, Igor just about cracked up and said yes, it might be a take off from his old associates. But he immediately reiterated that there were no hard feelings, and his old buds had been out in the desert “drinkin beer and racin bikes more than ever”.
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