Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do

There was a nice lady who lived on a farm
She raised chickens and pigs and stayed out of harm
Had a big garden and fruit bushes too
And three blind cats who ate all the rats

And on her farm she had a small still
In a small shed at the bottom of the hill
She had three husbands all buried in a row
They mostly died from drinking her swill

She'd been on a space ship that took her to Mars
Always been fortuitous since visiting the stars
They'd taught her of magics and strange looking men
And showed her the wonders in a time back when

She talked with the ghosts when she made a good batch
About life in the suburbs and high in Nepal
She knew all the wisdom of wise men she'd catch
In her journeys to remote places over the dell

Her dress was impeccable as was her mind
And bamboozled her neighbors with merely a wink
Wives would find broomsticks to beat their behind
When husbands were tempted to have a small drink

There was a nice lady who lived on a farm
It's a mystery to fathom her gracious good charm
Her beasties all loved her except for one cat
Who'd never recovered after a fall in the vat
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