Monday, May 5, 2014

Bushwhacked at Walmart

Went into our Walmart to buy me a shoe
Was told it's not possible I'd have to take two
“But the left one's still usable with a smidgen of glue
And look how they match up, they're both really blue”

My buddy was waiting just down the aisle
His expression was frankly quite more than a smile
The sales rep was genial, her demeanour held no vile
She was in fact practical on this philosophical trial

“My right shoe's death freed it from the nausea of smell
But the left one still sojourns in that nauseating hell
It's condemned to freedom and has chosen to dwell
On my left foot it begets life choosing uselessness well”

The dear sales rep was no tart and answered with flare
That compassion and mercy aught not to bear
On one's need to look dapper when buying one's wear
“Indulgence and pity is great sin if you care”

Not a student of Jean-Paul while in grips of the brass
This rep had weird leanings so my bud showed some class
He asked for a left shoe cause his had run out of gas
The rep finally buckled and called him an ass

We agreed to take one pair and split them in two
Each paying our fair share but what would we do
The receipts for a whole pair and we each need one too?
“The world is deep” sort of whomped us with our shoe
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