Friday, May 16, 2014

Our good Prime Minister

Proportional representation in store for Canada

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper is encouraging input on his proposal for proportional representation in our federal voting system for the election of members of parliament.

1) Electoral districts made larger by amalgamating every four of the present districts into one across the country.

2) Each district elects the top four candidates, if they have at least 5% of the vote, to parliament. Each voter gets only one vote for the candidate of their choice.

3) Each member of parliament's vote in parliament has a weight assigned by the percentage of votes obtained in their riding.

4) A working group of twelve is elected by members of parliament and is responsible for a yearly budget and business considered necessary beyond control of governmental departments. There will be no position as official head of government. The working group may have a 'chairperson' if they deem it necessary.

5) The day to day affairs of government will be run by governmental departments with all proceedings open to all members of parliament. Each department will be overseen by a board of three directors who will be elected to a two year renewable term by parliament. Governmental departments as well as all members of parliament can introduce an amendment or a new bill.

6) Budgets, bills, amendments, and all other votes must get 50% majority otherwise they must be returned for reevaluation till passed or withdrawn. If a budget, bill, or amendment tabled by the working group is not passed in three attempts, the working group will be dissolved and a new one elected, with the removed members not eligible for reelection to the working group in the present term.

7) National elections are held on set dates every four years.

8) The Canadian senate will be abolished.

These changes will require an amendment to the constitution so in order to get it right with the support of all Canadians and without involving the supreme court, the Prime Minister is asking for input. Please visit his new website at
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