Sunday, May 4, 2014

We just ain't happy till we're totally broke

Month's end engenders our establishment cheque
Pays rent and cable and humours the plastic
Kraft dinner No name, oh what the heck
Hamburger helper and cat food fantastic

Our endowment dwindles graciously left and then right
Once a month high rollers, wealthy take fright
Five bucks for lotto, the end now in sight
We just ain't happy till we're totally broke

Laundry an oversight, we'll use the tub
Scrubbing is labour though wringing torment
Run low on stogies? We just skulk on the sub
Down by the airport them rich folk's ferment

Kraft dinner gets boring, chagrin must be relieved
So down to the food bank we beat hasty reprieve
In humble thanksgiving the sermon's perceived
Our monthly paid homage for failings we weave
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