Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thank you Mr. Clark

Liebster Award? Thank you Tim Clark. Since I have never in my life been nominated for much less won anything I am deeply honoured. This blogging thing must have some sublimity to it's quintessence after all. The gratification felt by ten out of my eleven personalities is enormous. We may encounter difficulties in fulfilling all our nomination requirements because the personality who actually reads blogs is rather furtive and does not readily share all his or her erudition with the rest of us.

The writer in us though would be thrilled to be part of this fun and would love to answer your questions.

1. What was your main impetus to begin blogging? We got tired of having stacks of scrap paper with letters and poems strewn all over the house so we figured hey, why not store it for infinity in the realms of cyberspace and the cheapest way was a blog.

2. What was your favorite book? Anything by Friedrich Nietzsche.

3. If you had a time machine where would you go first? You mean we have to come back? Actually the future scares us, we're really scared for humanity. Our encounters with life more intelligent than ourselves would be awesome.

4. When you look at life what thing puzzles you most? Why?

5. Have you ever posted a Facebook update just to make someone jealous, or angry?   No.

6. Would you explain? Although we did open a Facebook account temporarily once out of curiosity, we could not figure out it's relevance to our ascetic life style.

7. What is your favorite vacation spot, someplace you have been and intend to return? In our post indoctrination years we toured North American from Alaska to Panama. We slept in snow huts and in thatched huts and in railway cars and in abandoned cars. This journey was our favourite although we have spent several summers in a canoe on various adventures. If we no longer had to care for our beautiful wife, and our health was capable, we would tour North America again, but this time on a bicycle with a little trailer.

8. How many play lists are on your mp3 player? What's an mp3 player? Is that like our radio?

9. Looking at your life now, and thinking about your school years, in what subject do you wish you would have payed more attention? Literature.

10. Why? Peoples views and perceptions are the greatest gift they can give us be it literary or other forms of art. Life is the soul of the universe and art is sometimes capable of comprehending a small part of it.

11. Do you believe there is life on other planets? The earth is flat for goodness sakes!

Thank you once again Mr. Clark and we'll get that Russian vodka in those milk bottles to you down that Mississippi just as soon as the drones hit bad weather. Just watch for them smoke signals.
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