Friday, May 30, 2014

Can we depress you?


Our good wife watches reruns and 'Three's Company' is one of her favourites. That Ralph Furley guy always gets so depressed when he tries to cheer someone up, so today we're going to use reverse psychology and try to totally depress you because we're all feeling down here and need a boost.

We sit here at home and count our old toes
We're all really bored and it grudgingly shows
Need some fresh air and get out of this dive
But wifey said no way ain't goin for no drive

We tried to joke but her humour took flight
Her friends are all cons mistrusted with spite
Her minds today riddled with memories of old
Some flashback from bygones just up and took hold

We tried reading blogs but the ruckus grew loud
Ignoring her rantings was just not allowed
We listen with perplexity not knowing just what
To say in compassion for a mind in a rut

She finally dozed off the meds knocked her out cold
To give her some respite from feelings too bold
And when she awakens from her world of pains
A new reality will unfold as her conscious regains

There that feels better! And if the new reality has anything to do with house work, we fixed our tin foil hat.
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