Friday, June 6, 2014

A toast to consciousness

We are sorry to disrupt your eternity of unawareness with a brief foray into life as a human critter in a temporary universe. Bear with us, it will soon be over. Your problems are so mundane. Think what we have to go through as the overlords of all these universes. We beseech you for your support in our vast undertakings.

We tried to create a circular never ending eternity for you all, but a glitch in programing made yours pretty linear, but it's really no problem because you all will self destruct in about 20 billion years with no adverse side effects. We are just thankful that you were not circular with a glitch, because then we would have had to run updates, and as you all know, these are prone to more updates with all these evil hackers on the loose.

So enjoy your stay, and don't worry about anything, because it will all be over shortly and you can all languish in total oblivion forever more.
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