Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Persona 10) The surreptitious smuggler

This personality is a liar. Don't believe one word of anything that he says. He gets us all into a lot of trouble with his make believe whoppers. So please don't give his post any likes, we don't need the hastle.

Ya, ya, and who financed your grand climacteric? You all went and bought that fancy diesel pickup you couldn't afford. Left it sitting in the drive for me? You all didn't mind too much when I brought back all them res smokes from the east and made the odd payment or two for you's, eh? That diesel jus luv purrin all the way there an back. An them fancy hotels we all stayed in?

You goody goodies, you stick up for this Kafkaesque bureaucracy of ours. Our governments agriculture department helps the tobacco guys increase the potency of their plants till 1990 and then they starts taxing the shirt off our backs for being addicted. They had this all planned way back when. Put a few silly pics and slogans on the packs to keep the docs happy. You think they care about our health? They don't have to pay any pensions to us if we're six feet under at sixty-five.

And smugglin the stuff was so easy. Them cops figured anyone with a brand new crated up snow machine was just your typical law abiding, upstanding red neck citizen. You could smile and chat with them at a Timmies and they never had a clue. Even told you how the road was ahead. If you's all buy another beaut truck like that we can be millionaires in two years. Bunch of chickens.

But no, I'll have to satisfy my aspirations by hacking up your unwanted furniture for you and smuggling it out to the neighbours garbage bin so you don't have to pay for hauling it away. Really guys, you like Kraft dinner that much?

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