Friday, June 13, 2014

Persona 2) The ebullient scribler

We turn this post over to the writer for the discombobulated reality we regard as our nogginal ambiances. May ebullience be with him.

I really have no mind of my own, I just put down what anyone pops into my ... There's a message coming through ... Yes that's it ...

“We have succeeded! We only got one blog post view today. It is now safe to proceed. Initiate '#code mail box'. Our legions of loyal anarchist nonfollowers are forthwith notified that the early morning hours of July 1 will be the mail box stuffing day. All postage free letters will be addressed to:
         Stephen Harper
         House of Commons
         Ottawa, ON
         K1A 0A6
If each of our 20,000 nonfollowers mails 100 letters we should be able to flood Canada Post and Steven Harper's office with about 2 million letters. The inside message can be original but will contain a resemblance to 'Your party's junk mail sucks as do your government ads. They are partisan for your party and you should pay for them'. Please keep it polite. This is totally legal so do not feel threatened if someone asks what you are doing.”

... oh my, what these fools don't put me up to.
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