Monday, June 9, 2014

Our personalities

After six decades of living in a psychologically discombobulated reality we regard as our nogginal ambiances, viewed as a pilgarlic by many of our inlaws and others who we really don't give a rats behind about, we have found a way to live in an undysfunctional tangibility. We have simply divided our psych into eleven distinct personages and for whatever undertaking we are currently addicted with, we allow the appropriate miscreant to take the lead. Eleven is one short of the complete zodiac, however we think we have uncovered a twelfth rascal lurking about as about once or twice a year we wake up with a terrific hangover with no recollections of having imbibed with spirits of any sort. Our list therefore includes the following rascals:

1) the mollifying symposiarch
2) the ebullient scribler
3) the anarchistic politician
4) the reclusive scholar
5) the agnostic philosopher
6) the inventive grease monkey
7) the impish dilettante
8) the gnostic sojourner
9) the terraqueous adventurer
            10) the surreptitious smuggler
            11) the manic charmer
            12) the local drunk

In an effort to externalize ourselves and get a grip on what we were dealing with here, we placed ourselves in the zodiac by our month of coming out, so to speak, and low and behold we filled the entire zodiac with each of our twelve persona’s fitting solidly into its' own separate constellation. The local drunk was placed from the time of our first known lapse of recall. We showed this chart to a well known local astrologer who said it was absolutely amazing. She was going to study it in great detail and try to find some history on similar incidents. When we hear back from her we will let you know whether this is normal, or if the books of astrology will have to be rewritten.

In the meantime, mostly in an attempt to get to know each other better, we have each agreed to write a little blog post about ourselves, whatever form it may take. So in the next few weeks, we hope no one bores you to death.
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