Sunday, June 29, 2014

Persona 12) The local drunkard

We here in the discombobulated reality we regard as our nogginal ambiances are for the most part socialistically inclined and believe in providing housing first as a the major step in the rehabilitation of disadvantaged members of our quaint dissociation. We have not so far been able to proceed beyond this first step with our thwarted friend however, and most of our efforts go towards keeping the neighbours pacified so we don't all get evicted. We would all feel gratified if he would take that first little step and open the door to his little room, just a crack, and say hello to the world.

Peeky boo then, but I'll not come undone
Just leave me alone, I'm not up to your niceties,
To face your world with all your blank stares
Is too staggering a proposition to put me up to

My past could be cyphered but what good would it do?
I'd only be ridiculed for not wanting your rat race
Oh you may be free from an ignorant torrent
But there lurks sheer terror in the shadows just past you

I opened my soul once to kindness and pity
But was shunted to the trash bin when I gave my two cents worth
Your world's a tough place, if your happy your hoodwinked
So please leave me alone now, I'm shutting the door
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