Monday, June 16, 2014

Persona 5) The agnostic philosopher

Now that name sounds wicked. What's he going to do with those poor kittens? Oh the discombobulated reality we regard as our nogginal ambiances. May the lord have mercy.

In our travels we all wintered one year on a little farm, and in exchange for a heated shack and some grub we all milked the cows which was right up our ally because when we grew up it was on a mixed farm with a few cows to milk every day which had always been our chore. Yes, philosophy uses long sentences. On this little farm there was a destruction of cats, not a clowder, because they could not be considered domesticated by any logic, as deductively, if you can't get closer than twenty feet to a cat before it either disappears or raises it's fur and hisses at you, then you may validly assume it is wild.

There were two mollies or queens who had kittens about the same time, and they had them at opposite ends of the calf pen manger at the somewhat secluded end of the warm barn. While we were milking we would keep an eye on these two litters and began to notice that when the older molly went out hunting, the younger molly would go and steal the kittens from the other end of the manger and bring them all to her end. When old molly came back with her tummy full of mice, she would wait at her end of the manger till young molly got hungry and went mousing, and then she would steal about half of the kittens back. Whether she took the same ones back every time cannot be logically inferred as we really kept our distance due to the glares we would get. This went on for several days, much to our amusement and then to our amazement, old molly decided enough was enough. She picked up her kittens by the neck and took them one by one to young molly's end and crawled in beside her, and from then on they happily raised their kittens together taking turns on their safaris.

Whether cats are theists or atheists could be argued at length, but from my dealings with cats, my take on the matter would be that they are neither, because if you ask a cat whether or not god exists, you would get the likely response that “I have no idea what you mean” which would place them firmly in the school of ignosticism which considers the whole question rather mute.

Philosophy is the love of wisdom, deep in it's origins. That old cat molly was the wisest creature I have ever seen. Even a silly old agnostic can be instilled with the soul in life around us even if it is not supported by evidence or logic.
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