Saturday, June 14, 2014

Persona 3) The anarchistic politician

We turn this post over to the politician and sometimes anarchist in the discombobulated reality we regard as our nogginal ambiances. We humour his views at this time.


When I was just a little boy before I went to school, I listened to CBC radio and learned of the ships of yule. They had an afternoon school program for all those little one room schools spread across our vast land which brought us stories and music of our people and history from coast to coast to coast. Anarchy can be such a sweet and gentle thing, and if our present select group of ideologists continues with it's meltdown of everything which does not favour corporate interests and threatens our CBC radio we'll unearth our stash of spray cans and decorate their ivory towers with beautiful birds and flowers.

The purpose of any political system is to prevent chaos. If it is used to gain advantage for a select group, then force must be used to prevent the chaos. Humans have an extremely complex pecking order. We use religious or political ideologies along with economic control to facilitate our position within our society. We are not all equal, some have fantastic social skills, others have greater brain power, others may have super physical ability, the list goes on. Some of us will always remain at the bottom. Can seven billion of us find the courage to treat each other with respect, and our planet with respect? Whose call is it, those at the top, or those at the bottom who have no resource but anarchy?

Seven billion makes room for many diverse ideologies. Other than the garden of Eden or Atlantis we, at least in the western world, have so far not created the utopia which obviously lurks in the human psych. Is there a bill Gates waiting in the wings who can turn our utopian fantasies into reality, perhaps a totally addictive mind altering drug to give us the illusion of freedom, or a slight genetic modification to bring us all brotherly love? The next few hundred years will be the most interesting time in the future of our involvement with our little piece of rock. Get out your spray paint and make your mark! Chaos theory is not a myth.
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