Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Persona 6) The inventive grease monkey

We today honor our bread winner of this discombobulated reality we regard as our nogginal ambiances. Even with his present 'artheritis' he is still in demand to 'have a look at' those old massive diesels.

I ain't no good at writin much, cept for putin x's in them safety inspection sheets I done over the years. But I'll take an swipe at it. Now when your workin yer whole life, sportin yer family and yer good wife, you pickup on some attitudes that go long with fixin stuff. Bein an heavy quipement fixer and doin them truck safeties over the years, yer always workin with guys whose main purpose in life is to make a buck. If ya can fix ‘er up like new with duck tape, super glue, of bailin’ wire hey jus do it man. (An iffen ya cain’t fix it, jus throw it out in the back forty fer parts.) I learnd real quick like to gets lots of grease on them papers causin them governmental inspectors doesn't like much to get them fingers dirty so they fli[p through them real quick like.

I'm learnd to fit in wit this crowd all, so ya’ll will usually find me dressed plain casuall, with a flannel shirt, me hat, jeans with my crescent an pliers in me rear pocket, and cowboy boots. And, my belt buckle cost almost as much as my truck, over forty dollars. An Frank down by Joe's Auction always cut me hair. I dun learnt lots mostly in me young days an mostly by hard knocks, sometims in the head too, boutin attitudes you got to keep yer mind at.

First and most important, ya gotta believe in God and foller the Good Book as closely as ya can. Iffen ya don’t, then ya ain’t no 'canic. Ya got to love yer dawg, wife, or girlfriends more than fried chickens, but not necessarily in that order. Ya call duct tape, duck tape, and use it daily and in unusual and ingenious ways. WD-40 is considered a God-sent and must be placed with honor on the top shelf of yer tool box. Ya borrow tools ya need and never buy ‘em. Why spend yer hard earn cash on foolishness, when yer mate will lend them to ya case he's needin of one of yers? ‘Sides, it gives ya more beer money. Ya never let logic or truth about any subject sway yer opinion. Once formed, yer opinion cain’t never be changed.  An finally, yer country is always right, even when it’s wrong. God, Family, and Country are yer first loves.

Jus one lastest words of advice on keepin yer properties safe. If yous keep an old engine block hangin from that tree branch cross the lane fromin yer pink flamingos in yer front yard, nextin to a couple dead beaters, it'll workin better then yer lazy dawg fer keepin them vagrants out. We's always laughin at them walkin on the far sidin of the road when they passin our place. This more then I writ in me whole life now, so's you best all be satersfied.
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