Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Persona 1) The mollifying symposiarch

We turn this post over to the great leader of the discombobulated reality we regard as our nogginal ambiances. May the force be with or without him.

I love my position as head of this coalition of self serving nincompoops. It's simply a default absurdity. Like vacuum, the only need for it is because there is matter. I've got no authority, they don't tell me anything and that's how I like it. If someone wants to do something they just do it. I've never lost any sleep over any of this.

I really run a quasi-democratic outfit here, with no resources to enforce anything. I can't fire anyone, it would be like cutting off your own leg. A symposium is a convivial gathering and to mollify we simply allow someone to run the show however they want and for as long as they wish. Eventually they will tire and we will all get our turn.

I do sort of look after our basic needs of food and shelter. They all pretty much go along with these concerns because they all get hungry too. So they humour me and I can keep this body of ours in a somewhat healthful state so they can all play their little games.

Blame the boss, yes. They sometimes need a scape goat. They take no responsibility for their own actions. But humour them I must so I just keep my head in the sand and someone will always come up with a plan when we run into problems. These plans have a habit of creating more problems but then that just makes life more interesting for them all.

I tease them sometimes, saying I can sell this outfit to the highest bidder at any time, and right now the devil has half his cards on the table. But honestly even he would have his hands full with this unruly lot. My motto has become over the years 'What I don't know is better left unknown'. So we plunder on. Make my day.
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